Florida Cracker Home Defined

Florida Cracker Home

What exactly is a Florida Cracker home? To fully understand the term, one must take a look back in Florida history. Contrary to some belief and slang usage of the word, the term "cracker" didn't originate as a derogatory term at all.

Florida Cracker House Defined

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Believe it or not, Florida is the original cattle state. The original cowboys were called cow hunters, as their job was to spend long hours out in the Florida bush, hunting down and rounding up wild cows. Once enough of the cattle had been gathered, usually a small group of folks would then drive the cattle south.

Florida Cracker Home - Our Area

As a matter of fact, Cattle Dock Point in South Gulf Cove, just off-island and very near Boca Grande, was where many cattle were loaded and transported across the harbor heading further south to Punta Rasa, which was a favored port for shipping cattle to Cuba.

The houses where these hearty men and women lived were put together via humble means. Many of them were one room, at least to begin with. Often, as the family grew, the little houses would have added rooms tacked on to make space.

Florida Cracker House

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Florida Cracker

So where does the term "cracker" come from? The loud crack of the cattle whip could be heard from far across the flat landscape. When the wives heard the familiar pop, they knew to prepare for the return of their husbands, sons, and workmen.

That crack signaled a much anticipated homecoming and a Florida Cracker Home today (albeit not quite so humble) is an incredible place for anyone to call home.

Today's Florida Cracker Homes

Today, the cracker houses found on Gasparilla Island lie within the historic district of Boca Grande. The term cracker house, has evolved to represent the simple homes put together by some of Florida's early pioneers. Many of the homes in this area belonged to shop owners, and working families on the island. Each is unique and full of character that visitors and residences alike find especially charming.

These are true island houses, updated with the luxury and conveniences of the modern era. Yet, the Florida Cracker Homes of Boca Grande offer a glimpse of yesteryear and maintain the architectural integrity that has stood the test of time.

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