Boca Grande Homestead Exemption

Boca Grande Homestead Exemption time is upon us! If you have not yet registered your home for exemption status the official timely filing period is January 1 – March 1. Late filed applications are accepted up to 25 days after the mailing of the Truth in Millage Notice (TRIM Notice).

If you believe you qualify and have not done so – apply immediately. If you purchased your home through me and need a copy of your closing statement, please reach out! I’m also here to help answer any questions you may have about the process.

Only new applicants or those who had a change of residence need apply. Automatic renewals are mailed in January each year.

Boca Grande Homestead Exemption

Boca Grande Homestead Exemption

Additionally, Homestead Exemption is a constitutional benefit of up to a $50,000 exemption removed from the assessed value of your property. It is granted to those applicants who possess title to real property and are bona fide Florida residents living in the dwelling and making it their permanent home on January 1. Documentation that proves you were a resident at the homestead property is required.

Homestead Exemption

The following links should be helpful to answer questions and direct you to the proper forms.

Lee County Homestead Exemptions

Charlotte County Homestead Exemptions

Both counties now allow Boca Grande Homestead Exemption to be filed online.


Boca Grande, Florida

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