Coastal Decor for Your Florida Home

Coastal decor for your Florida home. If you’re shopping for a home in Florida, it helps if you can picture the style which best suits your lifestyle. Understanding how you live, or want to live, is key in finding your own coastal style.

coastal decor
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The modern coastal home will likely combine just the right mix of luxury and comfort. Having a beach-friendly flair will help make the most of the outdoor atmosphere.

Coastal Decor Ideas

Pinterest can be a magnificent resource for decor ideas in general. I’ve gathered coastal decor ideas on a Pinterest board here.

Coastal Decor and Inspiration

Whether you are looking for inspiration and ideas for a single room, or decorating an entire house, little details can make a big difference! Begin by gathering a few favorite things that are beach inspired. A well placed piece of coral, lanterns, or drawer pulls can be the perfect touches to your new design.

Decorations can be subtle or can be used to make a huge statement. Even small changes in color scheme or decor go a long way in creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the coast. Floor finishes, for instance, might remind you of driftwood or sand. Paint on cabinets, furnishings, or artwork might introduce the colors of sky and water.

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Coastal Decor – Color

When decorating any room, color is the key to setting the tone and mood. With coastal decor, you want to select a pallet that invokes visions of water, sky, and other nautical themes. Through magazines, Pinterest, and online sites, you can get a feel for the color schemes that draw you in. Make note of the coastal colors that you are most attracted to, and use that to decide on your basic color scheme for the home.

Getting Started

Drop by your local Home Depot or Lowes (or local paint store) and pick up paint chip cards to help you make your final color selections.

Start your own Pin board on Pinterest to gather your favorite ideas. Again, be sure to follow my coastal design boards here and also here. 

Houses that inspire you are a great place to start. Visit Boca Grande Broker main site to view beach houses (like this one) that are sure to help you plan your coastal decor.