Architect-Designed Homes Add Value in Florida Real Estate

Architect Designed Homes Add Value in Florida Real Estate. The Florida real estate market is ever changing and always growing. One thing stands the test of time, and that is good architecture! By using a qualified broker, architect, and builder, you can assure your family will enjoy the best today’s quality materials and design have to offer.

ArchiFest 2018 – Highlights

“You can live closer to the land, and that’s why people live here.” Josh Wynne from Josh Wynne Construction.

“Everything we do is one-of-a-kind. . . We’re building things greater and better than it’s ever been done!” ~ Nathan Cross from NWC Construction


Island real estate is unique in that the materials must not only handle island weather, but handle it beautifully. The incredible natural beauty of Boca Grande affords the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and this fact, along with many others, can be addressed expertly by an architect.

Architect Designed Homes Add Value

Today’s home buyers want to take advantage of such an island atmosphere and continue that “close to the land feel” throughout their home. A good architect knows how to open up a home to make the most of its surroundings. They add value to the home by defining its purpose.

Beachfront Island Estate

For example, the Gulf-front estate in Boca Grande pictured above is designed with numerous balconies, decks, and sitting areas, most of which jettison from private rooms and common areas to extend the homes common usage and entertainment areas.

Multiple balconies and sitting areas make the most of the exquisite waterfront views and suit the lifestyle many are seeking when moving to the island. But these aren’t the only details attended to in this striking residence. The waterside masterpiece is an outstanding achievement in quality, comfort and artistry. View the property video to see for yourself:


A “Characterful” Home is a Happy Home

Peter Pennoyer Architects; Photographer: Scott Frances

Design: Peter Pennoyer Architects; Photographer: Scott Frances

NYC Architect Peter Pennoyer said it best when he noted that “people want to remember the process” of creating their home. His expertise on renovating the structural nuances of The Big Apple, along with that of acclaimed interior designer Jae Joo and HomePolish Founder and CEO Noa Santos, clearly communicated the affluent customer looks to romanticize personal memories through the décor and design of their home.

These “collected moments,” as Santos called them, become a characterful reflection of the life consumers want to remember and continue to lead.

Their tips for real estate professionals and home buyers?

If you’re looking at the spaces too literally but love the location of a home, tap into your local interior design network and arrange another walkthrough of the property focusing on how the home can be transformed. Luxury specialist, Carol Stewart can help you with that every step of the way.

Luxury Consumers

Last month, LeadingRE and Luxury Portfolio hosted the last of its mid-year forums, the Luxury Portfolio Affluence Forum in New York City.

Luxury consumers today are different than they were a decade ago. Perhaps the most prominent trend that threaded throughout the two-day conference was the notion of luxury consumers as a mindset, not an age.

Mickey Khan, Founder and Editor in Chief of Luxury Daily, kicked off the panelist discussions following this presentation with the same topic, mentioning that “local” is the new, underlying trait of many business models, even those of the luxury goliaths.

As the source for all things high-end, he noted that local is something earned by being a concierge to your community no matter what line of luxury business you pursue. The greatest asset a company has is knowing its people and knowing its neighborhood.

Boca Grande Local

Whether you are looking for an architect-designed home or searching for the perfect home to remodel to suit your personal tastes, Carol Stewart is your Boca Grande local with global connections!

As a resident and professional on the island for many years, Carol has amassed a wealth of knowledge and contacts so that no matter the real estate need, she is able to direct clients to the best architects, designers, and builders available. She can assist you in finding the right answers as you work to create the perfect island setting in Southwest Florida. Contact her using the form on the right hand side HERE. 

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