A Glimpse of Boca Grande Lifestyle

A glimpse of the Boca Grande Lifestyle won’t tell the full story as it’s an experience you need enjoy in person. But my video will give you a look at what life is like on the island! Hopefully, it will inspire you to come and see for yourself.

a glimpse of Boca Grande

You might imagine life on a small island as a quiet life, simple, and conducive to relaxation. You’d imagine correctly, at least part of the time! But there is much more to Gasparilla Island and the community of Boca Grande than you might  guess.

Catching the sunset is a real thing. It generally involves jumping on your golf cart and heading over to the beach. Usually there are at least a few others around, doing the same. Of course, on our island, there’s places to go away from the others to quietly contemplate the setting of another sun.

Glimpse of Boca Grande Lifestyle

Islanders begin the day with a beautiful sunrise, preferably on a boat while heading out to fish for a while. The blue hues of the sky are reflected in the clear waters of the Gulf. Morning beach walks, a run, or a bike ride on the island-long pathway are also popular ways to get moving!

Life in southwest Florida is optimal, most of the year, for making the most of the great outdoors. The island provides ample opportunity for walking, biking, swimming, tennis, and all manner of outdoor fitness. A game of golf, shopping the boutiques, and browsing local art galleries can occupy a portion of the afternoon.

Glimpse of Boca Grande Lifestyle


The social season from late fall and into spring offers parties, fine dining, theatre and so much more. The little town is crowded, but these traffic jams are mostly golf carts and folks stopping to say hello. A walk to the post office or little Hudson’s Grocery means greeting at least a few familiar faces.

While the island is generally quiet and peaceful, the seasonal activities provide wonderful social events with a small town atmosphere that draws people back year after year.

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