What Luxury Buyers Want

Interested to know what luxury buyers want? As a Luxury Portfolio International affiliate, Carol Stewart of Michael Saunders & Company has access to a myriad of studies and up to date information on what luxury buyers want.

The insight is collected by research firm YouGov and from the company’s 200+ luxury broker networks. Check out the latest Saunders in 60 video for a quick overview of Luxury Portfolio’s most recent study – Luxury Real Estate:

What Luxury Buyers Want

What Matters Most to Today’s Global Elite: 


Obviously, luxury means different things to different generations. For today's buyers, the term has come to mean much more than expensive or exclusive (although by definition, those terms usually accompany the possession of luxury items). Today's buyers are looking for much more than top quality and nice things, they want the experience.

In travel, they are looking to discover what kinds of experience choosing one luxury destination over another will provide. Whether seeking to summit a mountain, shower under a waterfall, or become a yoga guru, they are looking to indulge in the luxurious and are in it for the experience!

what luxury buyers want

What Luxury Buyers Want

When purchasing an automobile, today's buyers need to envision the experience that driving a certain vehicle offers them. They want purchases to contribute to the improvement of everyday life via the senses, amenities, services and more.

What Luxury Buyers Want

What Luxury Buyers Want - Experience

For real estate, location remains king and is partnered by a luxury lifestyle. Not just any luxury lifestyle, but one offering a daily experience which stands a grade above the rest. What luxury buyers want today in the real estate market isn't much different than other items they're purchasing. They want quality that contributes to a luxurious lifestyle by indulging the senses. They want the experience!

Real estate in Boca Grande has much to offer in the way of luxury experience. The island experience in general is unique in and of itself, but Gasparilla Island and the town of Boca Grande are special.


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